The gaddie pitch / elevator pitch

You know how sometimes you need to sell your idea, project, organisation or yourself succinctly? Maybe you met someone at an event or a family BBQ who could be your next big client. Gaddie pitch is tool for communicating your idea in a way that is short and memorable. In fact, there is a simple three step process that anyone can follow to build their own pitch.

Imagine it happened to you. Can you keep people's attention with a short speech that inspire someone to continue to talk to you and positively remember you after you've met them? If you can't, you need Gaddie pitch, a.k.a. an elevator pitch. And you need preparation. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

A basic gaddie pitch has the following three components:
  • You know how…?
  • Well what we do is…
  • In fact…
If it kinda feels somewhat like the STAR method or a four koma manga, you are not far off the mark.

The first part of the pitch sets up a situation for you to save the day. It could align with the problem statement you resonate with the most. It could also vary based on who you are talking to. I cant see any reason why there couldn't be multiple versions of this or any of the other parts. Be sure to use some vivid words that lets your audience's mind imagine things, take them to places etc.

The second part is where you tell your story about how you save the day. It is very important here that you are easy to understand and your audience gets you. Ignore small differences and subtleties. The chances are, they wont be interested regardless. So why waste your time. However, it is more likely that they will relate someone from their past experience to you. Let them be curious about you and then you can explain how you are different.

The last part, in my opinion, is optional. If you have any track record, something that highlights how amazing you or your project or whatever the pitch is for is, this is where you can spill a little bit of information. In general, people don't remember detailed facts or figures unless it is easy to remember like "we are 1000 times better than our closest competitor" or something like that.


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